C3 Publications

Thomson Reuters JCR papers:

Boqué Ciurana, A., & Aguilar, E. 2021.Which Meteorological and Climatological Information Is Requested for Better Surfing Experiences? A Survey-Based Analysis . Atmosphere, 12(3), 293. DOI:10.3390/atmos12030293

Corella J.P., Benito G., Monteoliva A.P., Sigró J., Calle M., Valero-Garcés B.L., Stefanova V., Rico E., A-C.Favrea A.-C., Wilhelm B. 2021. A 1400-years flood frequency reconstruction for the Basque country (N Spain): Integrating geological, historical and instrumental datasets. Quaternary Science Reviews, Volume 262 DOI:10.1016/j.quascirev.2021.106963. Published 15 Jun 2021

Domonkos P., José A. Guijarro, Victor Venema, Manola Brunet, Javier Sigró. 2021. Efficiency of time series homogenization: method comparison with 12 monthly temperature test dataset. Journal of Climate DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-20-0611.1. Published online 13 Jan 2021

Font Barnet, A., Boqué Ciurana, A. B., Olano Pozo, J. X., Russo, A., Coscarelli, R., Antronico, L., ... & Aguilar, E. 2021. Climate services for tourism: An applied methodology for user engagement and co-creation in European destinations .Climate Services, 23, 100249 DOI:10.1016/j.cliser.2021.100249

Javier Pérez-Burillo, Rosa Trobajo, Manel Leira, François Kecke, Frédéric Rimet, Javier Sigró, David G.Mann. 2021. DNA metabarcoding reveals differences in distribution patterns and ecological preferences among genetic variants within some key freshwater diatom species.Science of The Total Environment DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.149029 Available online 20 July 2021

Márcio Rocha F, Schaefer Carlos, Maria de Los Milagros Skansi, Steve Colwell, David H. Bromwich, Phil Jones, John C. King, Matthew Lazzara, James Renwick, Susan Solomon, Manola Brunet, Randall S. Cerveny. 2021. WMO Evaluation of Two Extreme High Temperatures Occurring in February 2020 for the Antarctic Peninsula Region. .Bulletin of American Meteorological Society DOI:10.1175/BAMS-D-21-0040.1 Published-online: 01 Jul 2021

Books and other publications:

Roberto Coscarelli, Loredana Antronico, Francesco De Pascale, Anna Boqué Ciurana, Alba Font Barnet, Paolo A. Russo, Òscar Saladié Borraz, 2021. Tendenze climatiche e flussi turistici_ prime analisi tratte dal Progetto europeo “INDECIS” Turismo, Paesaggio e Beni Culturali, edited by Giuseppe Tagarelli, Francesco Torchia,, pp. 275–292. roma_ ARACNE editrice, 2021.